How To Select An Interior Designer | Working With Interior Designers

Working with an interior designer can save you a tremendous amount of time, as well frustration, regret, and even money!

Here are some of the common questions people have about Robert Bryan Home and about working with interior designers to execute their vision of their ideal home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robert Bryan Home a retail store or an interior design studio?

BOTH! We are a specialized retail boutique featuring well-priced, high-style designer quality home furnishings and accessories.  Additionally, business partners Bryan Boomershine and Robert Levine are formally-trained interior designers, available for both residential and commercial interior design projects.

What makes Robert Bryan Home different from national chain stores?

All furniture and accessories are hand selected by the owners, and reflect high quality at competitive prices.  Studio owners Robert and Bryan are both professional interior designers, so you will discover many unique and eclectic items not available elsewhere.  As an added bonus, the owners are available to help you with design decisions, opinions, and options when needed.

Speaking of furniture, is all you show in the studio all that is available?

No, many more items are available in our wide range of catalogs.  Bedroom furniture, for example, takes considerable floor space, thus none is displayed on the Robert Bryan Home showroom floor, but many lines are available.

Please let Bryan or Robert know what you are looking for, and they can help direct you to a catalog or source that will fit your needs.  Plus, Bryan and Robert also have a wide network of custom design furniture makers who can build the exact item you need.

So, Robert Bryan Home can special order items that I don't see in the store?

Yes, special orders are not a problem.  If you have seen an item in a design magazine, online, or in any other source, supply us with enough information and we will do our best to search it out for you and help you purchase that which you desire. Special orders require some specific handling; please inquire for details.

Why do I need an interior designer?

Interior designers can help make your vision of your residence or home a reality.  Interior designers shape and give direction to your ideas, help problem solve and, most important, help prevent problems from happening in the first place.

No one wants to order a sofa that just won't quite fit through a door or a bed that won't "go up the stairs."  These are just two examples of why interior designers can help make your project run smoothly, come in (usually!) at or under budget, and help create a unified, sophisticated home environment.

Robert Bryan Home is a new and unique concept in home furnishings and accessories; how so?

We seek out manufacturers that give the maximum product for the minimum pricing.  With their combined decades of experience, their eyes have been trained to recognize great design, at a great value.

What's my first step to utilizing Robert Bryan Home design services?

As with every undertaking, good planning and research yield best results.  Please come visit our beautiful showrooms in either Palm Desert or the North Shore Village of Winnetka and meet our experienced designers, Robert Levine and Bryan Boomershine. 

Discuss the scope of your project.  Look at the items in the studio and view the catalogs.  Read shelter (interior design) magazines for ideas and inspiration (we can make recommendations about which titles might best suit your project).  Have some idea of a realistic budget before you begin.  These are the basics to get your project started.
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