How To Spice Up Your Desert Home Decor With Succulents

 Make your desert home decor stand out

Palm Springs is renowned for its style, luxury, and most of all its authentic desert character. However, living in a desert doesn’t mean your desert home decor has to look bland and dull. According to a survey conducted by HomeGoods, only 20% of American homeowners are happy with their home decor.

The following interior design tips will help you become that lucky one in five who is happy with their home’s interior, especially when discussing desert home decor.


Be neutral

Traditional neutral colors can give a home a chic and classic look. White decor and curtains are always favorable when a space is small and needs to be opened up. However, be careful not to let neutral colors swallow your house. This is especially easy to do when you live in a desert area like Palm Springs.

Instead of embracing the sand, embrace the plants – it will “spruce” up any desert home decor. If bohemian isn’t quite your style, you can still use pops of softer color like green to enrich your living space. The natural colors of brown and white with a hint of green give just the right amount of color to your home so that it doesn’t look washed out.

If green isn’t enough and you want just a little more color, take inspiration from the flowers around the city. Since the colors naturally grow together in the desert, you can add hints of orange and red in table top accessories without worrying about any clashing colors or making anything look like Christmas decor.

Have fun with plants

Using unique accessories to spice up the traditional design of your home doesn’t have to give you a heart attack. If you don’t like bold pops of color, then don’t use them. You can take inspiration for home decor from the outside another way: with plants.

Instead of decorating your home with the average house plants of an American suburb, utilize the local plants in your area to give a desert vibe to your home. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes. This makes them perfect for accessorizing bookshelves and coffee tables in addition to the kitchen area. They also make for great, natural pops of color if you’re truly in love with your neutral tones.

Living in Palm Springs is a glamorous adventure itself, but it doesn’t mean your desert home decor has to look as bland as a barren desert. By grabbing inspiration here and there from nature’s colors and plants, you can spice up your traditional home and make it a place you love.

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